Situated at a height of 5222ft. at 300 26' N Latitude of 780 6' E longitude, Jharipani is about 7 Km from Mussoorie and 25 km from Dehra Dun. It is exactly half way on the bridle path between Rajpur and Mussoorie.

With its temperate climate (temp. ranging between 340 C - 20C) swirling mist amidst downpours, glorious sunsets with the unique 'Winter line' stretching over the Shiwalik busy campus life is indeed amply compensated by natures breathtaking & awesome facets & the belief that "this is life - We have time to stand & stare".
Uttaranchal Boys and Girls School

Jharipani lives upto its name which means drizzle & the onslaught of the monsoons is nowhere felt with so much intensity as here making it the home of a wide variety of flora & fauna - amongst which some common wild flowers are Crocus, Zephyrs lilies, Amasyllis, Sestrum, Dahlias, Honeysuckle, Barberry and birds like the White eye, rose ringed parakeet, whistling thrush, kaleej pheasant (sought after by shikaris) & the Himalayan barbet forever crying for water.

The school presents a picturesque study in gothic architecture, the dominant rock form being sedimentary specially shale & limestone.

Infrastructural Facilities - The school has a built up area of around 100 acres which houses the three school blocks, their respective dormitories, kitchen facilities, staff quarters for around 200 employees, hospital, auditorium, Swimming pool, etc. Large part of the estate is under cover of mighty Oak trees and other wild vegetation, which beautifully blends the school with its natural surroundings.

Junior School & Senior School Uttaranchal 'JUNIOR SCHOOL - SYMMETRY IN STONE' Mussoorie Schools 'THE QUIET ENVIRONS OF OUR HOSPITAL Best School in Mussoorie Hills THE GOTHIC SPLENDOUR OF GIRLS' SCHOOL Indoor and Outdoor Games In School THE 'MODERN' AUDITORIUM

1. Auditorium - A 600 seat capacity Auditorium-cum-Indoor badminton hall was the centenary gift to the school in 1988 and was inaugurated by Mr. Madahv Rao Scindia, the then Railway Minister.

2. Science Laboratories -There are three separate science laboratories equipped with latest apparatus to help the students get a practical feel of scientific postulates.

3. Computer Lab - In keeping with the times, full fledged computer teaching was introduced at the school long time back and at present the lab is provided with latest generation computer system.

4. Library - Class room teaching is only part of the education imparted at schools. A large part of the need is met by Libraries, which have been set up separately for each School in order to make the books, periodicals and newspapers easily available to the students.

5. Hospital - At a far off place like Jharipani medical facilities are naturally an area of concern for the welfare of 560 students, staff and their family members. Recognising its importance a hospital under the charge of a qualified Medical Officer and a team of paramedical staff is run for attending to the immediate needs. Specialised treatment is arranged at hospitals at Mussoorie and Dehradun.


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