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The first Railway hill school,however,was started in 1870 by the erstwhile Sindh,Punjab and Delhi(SPD) Railway which later came to be known as North western Railway at a bungalow called 'Fairlawn' which was part of the rajah of Nepal's estate and close to the place where Oak Grove School is now located. The Fairlawn school was merged with the Oak Grove School in 1894 as the number of students had increased and there was a dearth of staff to manage the school. Oak Grove School started with only 28 students on its rolls and at present more than 600 students...

Oak grove school was started during the british raj by the east india and north –western railways with the objective of providing public school education to the sons and daughters of their employees who could not send them to England for education. The underlying thought behind establishment of a separate school was to provide the children with the same education as they would have obtained in their native country . Moreover the climate of mussoorie was similar to the weather in England and that helped to recreate a school in india that was modeled on the school in England. Ita was a pioneering effort by the railways in those times because philanthropy and social responsibility were not practiced by companies and business entities , as is done nowadays. The majority of the students are the children of the railway personnel but some students from non railway background are also given an opportunity to study at this fine institution of learing.


Oak Grove School, a residential public school owned and run by Indian railways , started on 1 june , 1888 in the verdant and sylvan hills of mussoorie in north india. The school is located on the oak grove estate which derived its name from the mighty oak trees that dot the landscape of the area , and its half way on the bridle path from rajpur to mussoorie. The sprawling estate of the school at jharipani is spread over 200 and 56 acres and coupled with the salubrious climate of theplace; its provides a healthy and conducive environment for learning. Anyone one who visits the school is awestruck by its ambience and architecture and thought veer towards the students’ who have been fortunate to study at this prestigious school which has completed one hundred and thirty five years of its existence.


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