Oakgrovians young and old, Come join in cheerful song; The honour of our school uphold, With voices clear and strong. We leave the plains and heat, Our homes and friends below; And on these rugged mountains meet, Life's purposes to know.

Our glorious valley green, With wooded hills around; As games we play with vigour keen, Doth oft with shouts resound. In classrooms and in field, Oak Grove has made her name; We strive and hope our time will yield, New glories, wider fame...

We love this school of ours, We're Oak Grove's children true; We'll serve her in her darkest hours, And in her glory too. This place wherein we live, Fair gem of this earth's crown; Claims earnest work which we must give; Regardless of renown....

And when we leave Oak Grove, Embarking on life's seas; We'll never forget the school we love, But loyal to her be. In future years we pray, God's blessing she may see, And that her sons and daughters may, "IN ALL THINGS FAITHFUL BE"....


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