Around 42 well qualified teachers are round the clock available at the campus to look after the needs of 615 students at an extremely healthy Teacher Student ratio of 1:15. All the Teachers as well as the support staff are provided free /subsidized boarding and lodging as incentives to give out their best. All the staff are qualified as per strict Govt. conditions and are selected after a rigorous screening process.
Staff Senior Boys Wing
Dr. Sanjay Dube - Headmaster Dr. Atul Kumar Saxena - Asstt. Master Mr. R.K. Nagpal - Asstt. Master Mr. S.K. Raza - Librarian
Mr. Anand Kumar - Asstt. Master Mr. Santosh Kumar - Asstt. Master Mr. V. Rawat - Asstt. Master Mr. Pratyesh Kumar - Asstt. Master
Mr. Anupam Singh - Asstt. Master Mr. Ranjit Shee - Art Master Mr. Vinay Kumar - Asstt. Master Mr. Ankit Semwal - Asstt. Master
Mr. Ravinder Nath Yadav - Asstt. Master Mr. Anil Kumar Sengar - Asstt. Master Mr. Vipin Kumar - Asstt. Master Ms. Ekta - Asstt. Mistress
Miss. Prerna Yadav - Asstt. Mistress Mr. Shadab Alam - PTI Mr. G.D. Raturi - Lab. Asstt.  
Staff Senior Girls Wing
Ms. Rekha Sangal - Headmistress Mrs. Anuradha Sharma - PTI Ms. Bani Bora - Asstt. Mistress Mrs. D. Nagpal - Music Mistress
Mrs. Shalini Upadhayay - Asstt. Mistress Mrs. K. Kamboj - Asstt. Mistress Mrs. Zeba Naqvi - Asstt. Mistress Mrs. Deep Mala Singh - Asstt. Mistress
Ms. Niroo Kushwaha - Asstt. Mistress Mrs Maneesha Sharma - Asstt. Mistress Ms. Nisha Shalini Xalxo - Asstt. Mistress Ms. Pratima Chauhan - Asstt. Mistress
Mrs. Hina Deepak Vanjari Ms. Nandita Juyal - Asstt. Mistress Ms. Aman - Counsellor Mr. D.S. Das - Lab. Asstt.
Staff Juniors Wing
Ms. Archana Shankar - Asstt. Mistress Mrs. Surbhi Sharma - Asstt. Mistress Ms. Preeti Lakara - Asstt. Mistress Mrs. Anjali Dube - Asstt. Mistress
Mrs. Kanchan Sharma - Asstt. Mistress Mrs. Nidhi Saxena - Asstt. Mistress Ms. Neha Chauhan - Music Mistress Ms. Anjali Choudhary - Dance Mistress


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